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UEA Mountain Bike Ride!

Please contact Steve directly with questions. 


UEA Mountain Bike Ride - Hartley Nature Center (NEW RIDE LOCATION)

Thursday, October 6 at 4:45

Meet at Circle Drive near the Library


The mountain bike trails at Hartley have reopened! It is a short ride from campus (1/2 mile). Total time there and back is about an hour. The trails are beginner friendly with a couple of challenging spots of roots and rocks but much less slope than Lester. Forest color should be phenomenal.


More detail and trail maps at Note the ride will be canceled if the weather is poor or if the COGGS site says the trails are closed - please check before the ride.


If you want to go, you need a mountain bike (with working brakes), a helmet for safety, and a water bottle. RSOP will rent bike/helmet for I think $20. 


Email if you plan to attend or want more information.