UMD Professor pens open letter to UM President Kaler

Editor's note: On Monday, Feb. 17, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler visited the UMD campus to hold a series of open meetings on the university's current budget situation. UMD History professor Scott Laderman wrote the following open letter to Kaler in response to that visit.

February 20, 2014

Eric W. Kaler, President
University of Minnesota

Dear President Kaler,


UEA offers special incentive to new members

This year, UEA is offering a special incentive for new members. Here are the details of the offer and the benefits that come with full membership.

Normally, Active Membership for 2013-14 would be $12.84 more per paycheck.  As a special incentive this year, we are waiving the local UEA component for those who sign on to Active membership.

This means you pay only an additional $49 over the course of the entire year in order to acquire the range of member benefits.  At this special incentive rate, over 16 paychecks that is only $3.07 extra cost per paycheck.


Make-or-Break Moment for Duluth’s Public Schools: The 2013 Operating Levy

John D. Schwetman
Assistant Professor
Department of English

As educators at a state-funded university, we who teach at UMD have a distinct perspective on the importance of Duluth’s public schools and the consequences for our community that will result from choking off funding for them.

Duluth’s Independent School District #709 is currently in the fifth and final year of an operating levy that provides invaluable to support the functioning of our local schools.